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Cerignola is a town in Puglia, 35 Km. South East from Foggia; it is 124 above sea level, on a little hill that overlooks the wide Plain of the Tavoliere.

Since ancient times, Cerignola has been an important road junction and one of the main agricultural center of the Capitanata and of the whole of Puglia. The older part of the town, just below Palazzo Ducale, was almost totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1731.

It's most recent development reflects the agricultural trasformation of the municipal territory, in which the sowable land has been replaced by vineyards that brought more profits and drew many immigrants from the neighbouring lands and the population grew from 8.000 inhabitants in 1802 to 17.240 in 1861.


Several efficient food industries, in particular wine industries and oil mills, are connected with the agricutural production, and since the beginning of this century an enhanced network of cultural services has given the old rural district a more modern look.

The city of Cerignola is now diveded into two district areas:the old one, called "Terra Vecchia" with narrow winding streets, and a more recent one where the streets follow a perpendicular plan.

In spite of its long history, Cerignola does not have many meaningful artistic sights, apart from Duomo Tonti, built in the second half of the nineteenth century: here the ogival style, in imitation of Byzantine art mingles with pure Renaissance architectural elements, such as the Cupola, which reminds of the on in S. Maria in Fiore, Florence.


The Municipality of Cerignola covers 589 Kmq., which makes it the largest in Puglia, and one of the largest in the whole of Italy. At present, Cerignola has more than 50.000 inhabitants.


Thanks to Mediterranean climate, the growth of the wine is widely spread throughout the whole region; as a matter of fact. Puglia is the first region in Italy for specialized cultivation of vines and of the production of both table and wine grapes.

A typical system of cultivation, developed of the Second World War, is the so-called "tendone", a sort of pergola which permets generous production of vintage wine grapes. It's a characteristic of the regions of the Tavoliere surrounding Cerignola: Trinitapoli, San Ferdinando di Puglia in the South, and San Severo in the North, where we find excellent table and blending wines.

In this area, next to the railway station of "Cerignola Campagna" and near the exit called "Cerignola Est" of the Autostrada A14, you find the DAVENIA WINE INDUSTRY. The factory, founded at the beggining of the nineteenth century e previously belonging to the Paolillo family, is now owned by the Davenia family. After having modernized and renovated the plant, without altering its genuine original features, they have started a production of wines to sell by measure and guaranteed by seal of quality ( I.G.T. and D.O.C. ).

The Davenia Industry Markets its own products also by retail, through a chain of shops in Milan and province, where you can also find a wide range of typical Apulian products.



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